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The power of ordaining priests and discerning the spir-its is given to the Celestial Master (t’ien-shih) of Lung-hu Shan mountain, a successor of Chang Tao-ling.

The 63rd Celestial Master, General Yang-sen, was evicted from Lung-hu Shan in 1931 by the communists and came to Taiwan in the 1950s; he died in 1977 at age 98. Next to Cheng-i Taoism, the most important school of Taoism is the Ch’üan-chen (Quanzheng) sect, or Complete Reality school, which integrated Ch’an Buddhist and neo-Confucian elements with religious Taoism and adopted the simplicity, naturalness and non-obsessiveness of the early contemplative Taoism, and their brand of “returning to the Source” and meditating on the open, creative emptiness of the Tao.

The former work, the Tao Te Ching, is said to have been authored by Lao-tzu (“Old Master”) in the 6th century BCE, but some of its political vocabulary dates just after sage Mencius, d.289 BCE.

Cheng-i (Zhengyi) religious Taoism is the most visible, colorful brand of Taoism in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and areas of China today, featuring the Black Head Taoist priests and the more heterodox Red Head priests, the former performing Chiao "cosmic renewal" rituals for living and deceased souls, while the latter do the Chiao ritual only for the living.

Important Taoist practice areas and/or pilgrimage spots in China are Tai Shan (south of Jinan in Shandong province), Hua Shan (in Shangxi east of Xi’an), Mao Shan (near Nanjing), and the aformentioned Lung-hu Shan (in Kiangsi), Pai-yün Kuan monastery in Beijing, and Wu-tang Shan (in W. A number of old masters still teach in these places and in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Ch’i-kung (Pinyin: qigong) energy practices based on Taoist and quasi-Taoist disciplines became widely, wildly popular in China and elsewhere in the 1980s, practiced by some 100 million Chinese, with many charismatic leaders; the Chinese Communist Party began to suppress it in the 1990s, heavily so from 1999 on. Baolin Wu, Moy Lin-shin, Hou Shu-Ying, Da Liu, and Fu Yüan Ni are some of the Taoist and/or ch’i-kung adepts living in America whose teachings on meditative and yogic Taoism are easily available, and gaining many students.

argue it was a single sage who wrote the majority of its 81 short chapters.

Half the text consists in rhyming lines likely of an earlier date.

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He was deep in the practices of heathenism and had a number of golden idols, which he distributed ...

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High altitudes can create respiratory or cardiovascular problems in sedated dogs.