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Figure 7: A DISTINCT list of the DEPARTMENT_ID values in the EMPLOYEE table Using the DISTINCT keyword to query a table containing only a few rows (as in this example) is probably unnecessary, because duplicate data would be obvious in the full results.But in a table with hundreds or thousands of EMPLOYEE records, it might not be at all obvious which departments are represented (or not).Figure 3: The Results tab in the SQL Worksheet In the tool bar, the small green arrow superimposed on the image of a piece of paper is the Run Script icon.By clicking it, you execute a SQL*Plus-like script consisting of multiple statements (as I’ll illustrate in the next article in this series)., November/December 2011), introduced readers to the ways data entities (tables) can relate to one another in a relational database.When your logical models and physical implementations use meaningful entities and well-chosen datatypes, you have multiple options for accessing the data.Before you write a SELECT statement, you must determine which table or tables contain the information of interest.

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In Oracle SQL Developer, an easy way to construct a SELECT statement is to drag and drop a table name from the TABLES node in the Connections Navigator into the SQL Worksheet.

Figure 1: Result of dragging and dropping the EMPLOYEE table into the SQL Worksheet Figure 2 shows the SQL Worksheet icons.

Figure 2: The SQL Worksheet icon tool bar The leftmost green arrow in Figure 2 is the Execute Statement icon.

(To specify multiple columns in a SELECT list, you separate the column names with commas; a good practice is to insert a space after each comma for readability.) When the above statement is executed, the is a list of all the values found in the first_name, last_name, and hire_date columns of the EMPLOYEE table, as shown in Listing 1.

Code Listing 1: Code Listing 1: SELECT statement result for three columns SELECT first_name, last_name, hire_date FROM employee FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME HIRE_DATE —————————— ——————————————— ————————————— Frances Newton 14-SEP-05 Emily Eckhardt 07-JUL-04 Donald Newton 24-SEP-06 Matthew Michaels 16-MAY-07 SELECT * FROM employee EMPLOYEE_ID FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME HIRE_DATE SALARY MANAGER DEPARTMENT_ID ——————————— —————————— ————————— —————————— —————— ——————— ————————————— 37 Frances Newton 2005-09-14 75000 28 Emily Eckhardt 2004-07-07 100000 1234 Donald Newton 2006-09-24 80000 28 10 7895 Matthew Michaels 2007-05-16 70000 28 10 4 rows selected Name Null Type ——————————— ——————— ———————————— EMPLOYEE_ID NUMBER FIRST_NAME VARCHAR2(30) LAST_NAME VARCHAR2(30) HIRE_DATE DATE SALARY NUMBER(9,2) MANAGER NUMBER DEPARTMENT_ID NUMBER 7 rows selected You should use the asterisk wildcard character primarily for ad hoc querying—when you want an answer from the database that you have not already asked for via programmatic code.

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