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Records: Legacy, 5-6 Overall; 4-5 WDA; Minot, 11-0 Overall; 9-0 WDABismarck High stats Scoring: Kaid Gimble, 3; Tanner Davis, 7; Matt Trolliey, 2; Joe Jahner, 13; Will Madler, 2; Tate Doppler, 2; Jack Sullivan, 2; Ian Schafer, 15; Solomon Garter, 21Rebounding: Jahner, 10; Doppler, 8; Davis, 6Assists: Jahner, 6; Schafer, 4Steals: Gimbel, 1; Davis, 1; Sullivan, 1; Schafer, 1Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson 21; Chandler Albertson, 2; Trevor Banks, 2; Justin Engg, 8; Peyton Lamoureux, 21; Alex Schimke, 12; Lofton Klabunde, 4; Brett Lunde, 2Rebounding: Schimke, 12; Klabunde, 5; Lunde, 5; Johnson, 5Assists: Johnson, 4; Albertson, 2Steals: Johnson, 3Blocks: Schimke, 1Notes: Minot shot 41 percent from the field…BHS’ Joe Jahner registered a double-double (points-rebounds)…Minot’s Alex Schimke had a double-double (points-rebounds)…Minot is 5-0 at home.

Records: Bismarck High, 5-4 Overall; 4-3 WDA; Minot, 8-0 Overall; 6-0 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 16; Trevor Banks, 6; Justin Engg, 24; Peyton Lamoureux, 11; Alex Schimke, 6; Lofton Klabunde, 8; Brett Lunde, 4Rebounding: Engg, 11; Klabunde, 6; Lunde, 6Assists: Schimke, 4; Johnson, 3Steals: Schimke, 4; Johnson, 2; Engg, 2Blocks: Klabunde, 1Bismarck High stats Scoring: Kaid Gimbel, 2; Tanner Davis, 2; Matt Trolliey, 8; Joe Jahner, 15; Ian Schafer, 15; Solomon Garter, 18Rebounding: Garter, 11; Jahner, 9Assists: Will Madler, 5; Gimbel, 4; Trolliey, 4Steals: Trolliey, 2; Gimbel, 1; Jahner, 1Blocks: Trolliey, 1; Garter, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings…Bismarck High shot 48 percent from the field…The loss snapped BHS’ season-high three game winning streak…Minot’s Justin Engg had a double-double (points-rebounds)Records: Minot, 17-1 Overall; 14-1 WDA; Bismarck High, 10-8 Overall; 9-6 WDACentury stats Scoring: Josh Sipes, 16; Lucas Mayer, 11; Kade Lynch, 8; Kade Amundson, 6; Treyton Mattern, 4; Jayden Hauff, 3; Nate Symens, 2; Tyler Hauglie, 1Rebounding: Mayer, 6; Amundson, 4; Sipe, 4Assists: Mayer, 4; Sipes, 2; Hauglie, 2Steals: Amundson, 2Blocks: Amundson, 2; Mayer, 1Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 24; Chandler Albertson, 10; Justin Engg, 11; Peyton Lamoureux, 10; Alex Schmike, 9; Lofton Klabunde, 6Rebounding: Klabunde, 5; Johnson, 4Assists: Schimke, 5; Klabunde, 2Steals: Klabunde, 4; Engg, 3Blocks: Olthoff, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings between the teams…Century dropped two games in a row for the first time this season…Century received 17 points from its bench reserves…Records: Century, 10-4 Overall; 7-4 WDA; Minot, 15-1 Overall; 12-1 WDA Williston stats Scoring: Baily Bethke, 6; Triten Teske, 12; Deacon Marburger, 2; Isaac Pacheco, 2; Kolby Klassen, 5Rebounding: Harris, 6; Pachecho, 5Assists: Carter Harris, 1; Brady Aberle, 1; Marburger, 1; Dawson Sheets, 1; Klassen, 1Steals; Teske, 2Blocks: Harris, 1; Pachecho, 1Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 6; Chandler Albertson, 13; Jack Ziegler, 2; Trevor Banks, 8; Paxten Wahlund, 5; Justin Engg, 16; Peyton Lamoureux, 16; Alex Schimke, 8; Lofton Klabunde, 6; Brett Lunde, 4; Max Olthoff, 3Rebounding: Engg, 8; Lunde, 5Assists: Engg, 6; Johnson, 3Steals: Lamoureux, 4; Klabunde, 4Blocks: Engg, 2Notes: Minot scored 57 first half points…Justin Engg and Peyton Lamoureux both had a team-high 16 points for the Magi…Minot shot 51 percent from the field…Minot had 34 points off turnovers.

East Burdick Expressway This project, which is on East Burdick Expressway between Ninth Street SE and 15th Street SE, is well under way.

As of June 5, the stretch of road is now closed to vehicle traffic, and traffic is being rerouted onto Valley Street to 27 Avenue SE and into the fair grounds.

Mary’s is 1-4 at home Records: Minot, 12-0 Overall; 10-0 WDA; St. Red River, 0-1 Overall; 0-0 EDC; Minot, 1-0 Overall; 0-0 WDATMCHS stats Scoring: Seth Gillis, 21; Kobe Gourneau, 14; Nate Lafountain, 11; Jackson Davis, 5; Loren Lunday, 4; Trevor Baker, 4; Taven Azure, 3; Rehoon La Vallie, 2; Colten Birkland, 2; Tanner Brien, 2Minot stats Scoring: Peyton Lamoureux, 27; Justin Engg, 20; Ky Juan Johnson, 13; Chandler Albertson, 10; Trevor Banks, 10; Brett Lunde, 8; Jackson Gunville, 5; Alex Schimke, 5; Bryce Bechtold, 2; Max Olthoff, 1; Jack Ziegler, 1Notes: The 102 points scored was a season-high for Minot…Minot’s Peyton Lamoureux was 9 of 11 from three point range…TMCHS’ Seth Gillis had a team-high 21 points.

Mary’s, 5-8 Overall; 3-7 WDAGF Red River stats Scoring: Justin Slaughter, 24; Cody Robertson, 18; Mason Benefield, 16; Tyler Enerson, 11; Jordan Polynise, 4; Garrett Eken, 2Minot stats Scoring: Justin Engg, 18; Ky Juan Johnson, 16; Peyton Lamoureux, 14; Chandler Albertson, 13; Alex Schimke, 11; Trevor Banks, 9; Lofton Klabunde, 4; Max Olthoff, 4Notes: Five Minot players were in double figures…Minot won its 12th straight game dating back to last season... Records: TMCHS, 5-3 Overall; 4-3 WDA; Minot, 9-0 Overall; 7-0 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 24; Trevor Banks, 5; Justin Engg, 14; Peyton Lamoureux, 14; Alex Schmike, 11; Lofton Klabunde, 2; Max Olthoff, 2Rebounding: Engg, 7; Johnson, 5; Schimke, 5; Klabunde, 5Assists: Schimke, 6; Banks, 4Steals: Johnson, 4Blocks: Engg, 1; Schimke, 1Legacy stats Scoring: Devin Beck, 11; Cole Svihovec, 12; Austin Wolf, 21; Hunter Humann, 3; Tyler Boone, 2; Braxton Erhardt, 8; Grant Edison, 7Rebounding: Hoekstra, 9; Wolf, 7; Svihovec, 7Assists: Wolf, 5; Hoekstra, 5Steals: Edison, 1; Beck, 1; Svihovec, 1; Hoekstra, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings…Legacy had three players in double figures…Minot was 12 of 27 from three point range.

Records: Jamestown, 1-14 Overall; 0-13 WDA; Minot, 16-1 Overall; 13-1 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 21; Chandler Albertson, 2; Justin Engg, 15; Peyton Lamoureux, 12; Alex Schimke, 12; Lofton Klabunde, 11Rebounding: Engg, 8; Johnson, 6; Schimke, 6Assists: Johnson, 4Steals: Johnson, 7; Klabunde, 5Blocks: Engg, 1Fargo Davies stats Scoring: Braeton Motschenbacher, 15; Mitch Larson, 5; Matt Veit, 18; Jaden Klabo, 3; Andy Baer, 12; Parker Stenseth, 2; Jake Paper, 14Rebounding: Paper, 14; Veit, 9Assists: Baer, 4Steals: Veit, 3Blocks: Paper, 3Notes: Minot became the first Class A team since 1959 to reach a third consecutive championship game…Minot had five players in double figures…Fargo Davies lost its first game of the season…Minot was 10 of 33 from three point range.

Records: Minot, 24-2 Overall; 17-1 WDA; Fargo Davies, 25-1 Overall; 20-0 EDCMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 4; Chandler Albertson, 3; Jack Ziegler, 7; Trevor Banks, 14; Paxten Wahlund, 2; Justin Engg, 21; Peyton Lamoureux, 20; Alex Schimke, 7; Lofton Klabunde, 6; Brett Lunde, 5; Max Olthoff, 6Rebounding: Engg, 15; Johnson, 4; Olthoff, 3; Ziegler, 3Assists: Engg, 7; Johnson, 6; Klabunde, 3Steals: Engg, 2Williston stats Scoring: Brett Ralph, 2; Carter Harris, 10; Brady Aberle, 6; Baily Bethke, 13; Triten Teske, 7; Isaac Pacheco, 4; Sam Olson, 3; Koby Klassen, 5Rebounding: Harris, 4; Teske, 4; Pacheco, 4Assists: Harris, 3; Teske, 2Steals: Klassen, 2Blocks: Pacheco, 1Notes: Minot remains the only unbeaten team in the WDA…Minot shot 55 percent from the field…Minot’s Justin Engg had a double-double (points—rebounds)…Williston went to the free throw line just one time.

Records: Legacy, 11-12 Overall; 9-9 WDA; Minot, 22-1 Overall; 17-1 WDAMinot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 12; Chandler Albertson, 2; Trevor Banks, 4; Justin Engg, 9; Peyton Lamoureux, 2; Alex Schimke, 20; Lofton Kalbunde, 9; Bret Lunde, 6Rebounding: Klabunde, 8; Engg, 7Assists: Banks, 3; Schimke, 2; Johnson, 2Steals: Johnson, 4; Schimke, 3Blocks: None Century stats Scoring: Jayden Hauff, 9; Tyler Hauglie, 1; Nate Symens, 11; Treyton Matthern, 14; Kade Lynch, 9; Lucas Mayer, 5; Josh Sipes, 9; Kade Amundson, 12Rebounding: Sipes, 8; Amundson, 8Assists: Lynch, 5Steals: Mattner, 2Blocks: Mayer, 3; Amundson, 2Notes: Century won its first West Region Championship since 2014…Minot and Century were facing off for a third straight time in the region title game…The win was Century’s first in three games vs. TMCHS led at halftime, 44-39Records: Minot, 20-1 Overall; 17-1 WDA; TMCHS, 7-13 Overall; 6-12 WDAWest Fargo stats Scoring: Raiden Forrest, 14; John Morton, 9; Abdi Sufi, 8; Haboniman Simon, 11; Joe Pistorius, 16; Michael Yeaney 4; Luke Lennon, 2Rebounding: Sufi, 9Assists: Simon, 3Steals: Simon, 1Blocks: Lennon, 1; Simon, 1Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 17; Chandler Albertson, 6; Justin Engg, 10; Peyton Lamoureux, 15; Alex Schimke, 22; Lofton Klabunde, 4Rebounding: Engg, 8; Johnson, 8Assists: Johnson, 5; Engg, 3Steals: Johnson, 3Blocks: Klabunde, 1; Engg, 1Notes: The teams’ combined for 16 three-point field goals in the first half…Minot outscored WF 41-19 in the second half…Minot advances to the semifinals with the win…Minot has not lost back-to-back games since March of 2014.

Broadway Bridge Crews continue to demolish the east bridge on the Broadway Bridge Replacement Project, and are currently about 85 percent done with this portion of the job.

Contractors on the new bridge, which will be nearly 1,000 feet long when finished, are continuing to pour concrete footings and columns to form the 6 piers that support the new structure.

Records: Williston, 0-4 Overall; 0-4 WDA ; Minot, 6-0 Overall; 4-0 WDAMandan stats Scoring: Camren Steckler, 7; Trey Wiest, 6; Isaac Watson, 2; Jaden Andresen, 12; Landon Kleingartner, 2; Trae Steckler, 20; Elijah Klein, 7; Griffen Fettig, 2Rebounding: T. Steckler, 4; Klein, 4Assists: Kleingartner, 3Steals: Wiest, 1; Andresen, 1Blocks: Klein, 1Minot stats Scoring: Ky Juan Johnson, 19; Chandler Albertson, 10; Jack Ziegler, 3; Justin Engg, 18; Peyton Lamoureux, 5; Alex Schmike, 10; Lofton Klabunde, 2; Brett Lunde, 2; Max Oltoff, 4Rebounding: Engg, 6; Olthoff, 5Assists: Johnson, 4; Albertson, 2; Engg, 2Steals: Engg, 4; Lamoureux, 4; Johnson, 3Blocks: Engg, 1Notes: Minot won both regular season meetings…Mandan trailed 33-32 at halftime…Four Minot players were in double figures.

Records: Mandan, 9-11 Overall; 7-10 WDA; Minot, 19-1 Overall; 16-1 WDAScoring: Eli Jung, 3; Jordan Meidinger, 13; Aanen Moody, 16; Shawn Steffan, 12; Tanner Ouellette, 3; Chase Ballard, 11Rebounding: Ballard, 11Assists: Steffan, 5Minot stats Scoring: Chandler Albertson, 5; Trevor Banks, 9; Justin Engg, 16; Peyton Lamoureux, 17; Max Olthoff, 4; Alex Schimke, 7; Lofton Klabunde, 6Rebounding: Schimke, 10Assists: Engg, 3Notes: Minot ended the game on a 27-8 run…Minot has won its last 14 games, dating back to last season…Dickinson’s Chase Ballard had a double-double (points-rebounds)…Dickinson was playing its second night of back-to-back games.

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