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Someone who liked to read, could hold an interesting and witty conversation, someone passionate about something other than sports or haircare. Faerie Beth Hmmm..thread has become more beneficial for me than I realized. I can always lure him into the shower with promises of primal animal-like love and then scrub him head to toe! I don't understand the basic concept of manly men not showering. They work as mechanics, construction workers, landscapers, athletes, and other such sweat-inducing jobs.

I can't imagine getting stuck with either of the men the OP lists. The part about going for days without showering, though, tips the scales to the metro-extreme. That being said, I will always choose option C as presented by Scribble. Ladies, come one, come all: get your hunk of nerd love from bouv! Whereas you can't turn a metrosexual into the former, when need be. Not one man on the planet has ever gone to a day of work like those mentioned and come home without immediately showering.

Who would want some grunting, reeking, beer-filled hulk of testosterone poisoning? What makes you think a working man doesn't wash, read or think? Horn-rimmed glasses, acne, buck-teeth, annoying laugh, no social skills whatsoever, and daethly afraid of all human contact not intermediated through a computer. What makes you think a working man doesn't wash, read or think?

And I certainly can't see myself with any guy who's more interested in not chipping his nails than he is about figuring out how his car's engine works. I think we need to add a third choice, but, going with our 'extreme theme', the option is 'nerd-to-the-max.' None of this cute and addorable nerd stuff a la Toby Mc Guire. However, he will happily go places..long as those places are the movies, inrernet-cafe, or some similarly dark place where little talking is involved. Testride, I don't think the OP meant to imply that clearly masculine men don't wash, read or think.

So, if you had to choose only one type of man to be in love with, only one type to spend the rest of your life being around, which would it be? So, if you had to choose between the two extremes, what would you choose? I'd be a little sad, though, as 'making love' isn't really my cup of tea.

Keep in mind, your manly man, while being able to fix your car, chop some firewood, and defend your honor if need be, will also be dirty. I understand some women like a big, strong man to be a little dirty and sweaty from time to time..a dirty, sweaty man 24x7? You can't take him anyplace nice to eat, as all he wears are torn t-shirts and dirty jeans. If I had to choose between the two extremes, I'd choose the latter. That's because we're forced to choose between the two extremes (and I'd also go with the majority - showers are an absolute necessity).

I've always found it amusing all the women on the SDMB who claim to be attracted to nerds and geeks. And yet the nerds and geeks all have so much trouble getting women. Two good friends of mine are very much in love with their geeky husbands. Is it that the nerds and the geeks have somehow magically all been born in different cities from where the women who love them were born?

Is it that the nerds and the geeks have somehow magically all been born in different cities from where the women who love them were born? Or are people maybe not wholly realistic about what actually attracts them?

I need someone who can keep my attention and share my interests. But a manly man, who can fix my car, chop firewood, defend my honor, muscular, has some manly stubble, and can sweep me off my feet to go make passionate, hot, primal, animal-like love is pretty hard to come by. You can have an intelligent conversation, provided it's about Lord of the Rings or Star Trek. I think, even taken to it's extreme, this is a clear best choice. I don't think there's a woman on this planet who will ever be faced with the choice the OP presents.

Or are people maybe not wholly realistic about what actually attracts them? In my experience, there are a great many nerds & geeks who are very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very shy so they hae trouble meeting women.

And also there are a great many nerds and geeks who are only interested in supermodel types and don't even notice women who aren't physically perfect or nearly so, so they have trouble meeting those women.

He can go to a fancy restauraunt and talk about politics, but will not watch your barbaric favourite football team pound your heated rivals into the ground.

He will woo you with roses, chocolates, and erotic poetry, and then escort you to bed for a sensual night of love making.

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But, you can select countries like USA, Canada, Brazil, India, UK, France, Russian and many other on chat. Chat Avenue: Tinychat is another popular online chatting platform which let you chat in live webcams.

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Various conditions that lead to atypical development of physical sex characteristics are collectively referred to as intersex conditions.

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""Thanks to 101Christian, I met the christian woman of my dreams on your service.

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It's a sexy, fun world and you can be a part of it. Visit - a transsexual community that captures every imaginable aspect of the shemale lifestyle.

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Si se conecta de un equipo de escritorio seleccione la plataforma Desktop (recomendable) , en caso de no disponer del Plug in de Flash o acceder desde tablet / celular seleccione la plataforma Móvil.

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It seems that an article was written to a well-founded magazine, by an English woman who requested a response from Indian men.

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They were noted by Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times as having "a strange, offbeat chemistry that drives the film." Union starred in the short-lived ABC series Night Stalker.

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The actual package unopened package with contents weighed around 51oz. I bet that the seller may have accidentally typed in the wrong weight so his first label was incorrect (and that was the tracking number that was automatically sent to you via e Bay).

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We have Christian women, Republican ladies, Democrat women, blondes, brunettes, red heads, and everything else.

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In the late 1940s, an American physical chemist named Willard Libby first developed a method to measure radioactivity of carbon-14, a radioactive isotope.

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