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The ciliary muscle is controlled by the parasympathetic system, which is triggered by an out of focus retinal image. See push-up method; near point rule; near point sphere; Scheiner's test.negative accommodation 1.See convergence accommodation; proximal accommodation; accommodative response; ciliary muscle; near reflex.meridional accommodation See astigmatic accommodation.microfluctuations of accommodation Involuntary variations in the contraction of the intraocular muscles responsible for accommodation and resulting in changes of about 0.1-0.5 D with a frequency of 0.5-2.5 point of accommodation The nearest point in space that is conjugate with the foveola when exerting the maximum accommodative effort. A relaxation of accommodation below the apparent zero level or when shifting from near to distance vision. See relative amplitude of accommodation.objective accommodation Accommodation measured without the subject's judgment.Changes during accommodation: (A), contraction of ciliary muscles; (B), approximation of ciliary muscles to lens; (C), relaxation of suspensory ligament; (D), increased curvature of anterior surface of lens.4 (in sociology) the reciprocal reconciliation of conflicts between individuals or groups concerning habits and customs, usually through a process of compromise, arbitration, or negotiation. Occupational medicine The changes made by a person or organisation to a workplace to allow a person with disabilities to work there. Fringe ophthalmology Near and far focusing—an exercise in Bates vision training, which consists of changing the point of focus from near to far distances multiple times.The ability of the eye to accommodate decreases with age.Synonym: ocular accommodation; visual accommodation See: illustration4.Consequently, myopes require more accommodation and hyperopes less accommodation when they transfer from spectacles to contact lenses.

See aniso-accommodation; ciliary muscle; accommodative reflex; Fincham's theory; Helmholtz's of accommodation theory.amplitude of accommodation The maximum amount of accommodation A that the eye can exert.

It is expressed in dioptres, as the difference between the far point and the near point measured with respect either to the spectacle plane or the corneal apex or some other reference point.

Thus,where B is the near point vergence and K is the far point vergence. In the emmetropic eye, A = −B, because the far point is at infinity and K = 0.

See convergence accommodation; proximal accommodation; reflex accommodation; resting state of accommodation.consensual accommodation Accommodation occurring in one eye when the other eye has received the dioptric stimulus.convergence accommodation 1.

Accommodation induced directly by a change in convergence. That component of accommodation induced by the binocular disparity of the retinal images. vergence accommodation.correction induced accommodation Ocular accommodation induced when changing from spectacles to contact lenses in near vision.

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It is a great shame that Falling Stars has only ever received somewhat “low key” releases, formerly as a digital-only curio and latterly on this extremely limited but fan-pleasing edition, as it is easily up there with the greatest works from Hitchell and the echospace [detroit] label.

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Bases may be used to remove contaminating humic acids.

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Has Athena gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle?

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“Let’s grow this into something giant." Buzz Feed’s numbers speak for themselves.

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Onthoud echter dat de HTML-5 versie van de website aanzienlijk minder functionaliteiten heeft (videokwaliteit is niet optimaal mogelijk een vertraagde streaming).

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Related Content: Demi Moore's Celebrity Hair Gallery With the recent introduction of clip-in extensions more women, celebrities and non-celebs alike, are wearing add-on tresses than ever before.

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It can feel isolating, but there are communities on the web offering their unconditional support to daters with STDs.