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Most people believe you have to have penis-in-vagina intercourse (vaginal intercourse) or at least penis-in-anus (anal intercourse) or penis-in-mouth intercourse (oral intercourse) to lose your virginity.

He probably broke your hymen more than it had ever been before, but that doesn't make you a non-virgin.

Everyone has to decide what importance virginity has to him or her. Since the hymen can be broken in so many ways other than sexual intercourse, it isn't all that useful as an indicator of intercourse experience in most women of marriageable age. It can show if a very young girl (of the age that would normally have an intact hymen) has been sexually abused, and in what manner. I can't tell whether or not I am because he got all of the head in, but not much else.

I really enjoy your site, and I've learned a lot from it.

My ex boyfriend and I were making out and he put one or two inches of his penis inside. It's doubtful either of you should expect the other to be a virgin. I thought I was, but I read something that made me think otherwise. All that we have done has been fingering, oral sex, and rubbing up against each other with or without clothes on.

Someone I had a casual encounter with inserted his penis, just the head, inside me. (age 22) What you describe meets the definition of penetration. My boyfriend and I have made the decision to not have vaginal intercourse just yet. (age 16) By having oral sex, you have entered into a grey area where some people will no longer regard you as a virgin. I still have an intact hymen and I just wanted to know if I am still a virgin.

How to overcome prone masturbation Questions from readers and answers about prone masturbation Articles about prone masturbation Graphs demonstrating the dangers of prone masturbation Longer case studies of prone masturbation Online support group for males with a history of prone masturbation Newest questions and general questions Questions from readers and answers about prone masturbation Penis and anatomy Sexual response & puberty Fantasies, fetishes & unusual practices Sexual problems, aches & pains Sex with partners Newest questions and general questions Female anatomy: vulvas, hymens, vaginas Masturbatory technique and female sexual response Sexual orientation, fantasies, and unusual behavior Masturbation toys: vibrators, dildoes, and other objects Sex with partners Young people, especially young females, frequently send questions about virginity. Virginity is the state of not having had sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is any sexual act involving the genitals of one person and some part of another person.

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If you want to be absolutely certain that everyone will regard you as a virgin, you can't do anything "below the waist," either yours or your partner. The hymen is a thin fold of skin partially covering the vaginal opening. If I no longer have a hymen, does that mean I am no longer a virgin?How far in can the penis go before I am not a virgin? You can only become a non-virgin by engaging in sexual intercourse as described above.If even the tip of the penis is not visible past the outer lips of the vulva, neither of the participants is still a virgin. Some females who have engaged in sexual intercourse have perfectly intact hymens, and some females who have never done anything "below the waist" have no hymen left at all.Everyone agrees that someone who has engaged in vaginal intercourse is not a virgin.Most people believe that someone who has engaged in oral or anal intercourse is not a virgin, even if they have never engaged in vaginal intercourse.

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I also organized, co-authored, and edited an ebook on modern web practices with several append To developers, to be published on this year. NET Web Forms 4, Ruby, Rake, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Java Script, j Query, Chrome extensions, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server CE 4, Entity Framework 4, NHibernate 3, Linq2SQL, Power Shell, n Unit, Team City, Agile Zen Technologies: C#, .

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The World Tourism Organization was founded in the mid-1970s.

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That they’re actively harboring racist fantasies about certain minority groups? I think they genuinely don’t feel all hot and bothered when thinking about them.

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It can also help boost emotional intimacy and trust. However, it’s best to discuss it before becoming sexually intimate.

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This is the world portrayed in Spike Lee's movie about phone sex, Girl 6.

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You'll find around 200 women online most of the time.

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First, stories about Daniel had circulated before the time of Antiochus and had long been used to encourage faithful obedience to and observance of Jewish law.

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Also introduced is Shane Mc Cutcheon, a very sexualized, androgynous looking hairstylist. Bette Porter and Tina Kennard are introduced, in a seven year relationship desiring a child.