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Before anyone gets upset, it isn't just women who do it.

I have also seen some of the pics my gfs get from their male friends. Sexting and sending nude pictures over a phone can be, in some instances, a criminal act.

And some people think electronics/technology makes them "smarter". Sexting and sending nude pictures over a phone can be, in some instances, a criminal act.

Teens don't have the maturity to realize what they are doing can be risky, but grown ups should. We just had a case here fairly locally where a 14 year old girl stuffed her celly in her underoos, snapped a pic and sent it to her b/f.

However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.

Luckily, taking that sort of pic wouldn't work for me. I'd have to stuff a floor lamp in my undies to get proper lighting.

Ew masturbating on a cell,now the world has TRULY gone mad. I guess if you ever have to use anyone elses cell you should black light it. Adults, I can understand and hope they know just what the hell they are doing (not that it makes it ok to someone like me) but kids, teens doing this stuff just screams F'd up family values/parenting.

Of course I don't have the slightest clue what kind of discipline (or lack of obviously) goes on in their homes so I can't say much in that regard.

The required logistics just sort fo kill off the mood... I hadn't even met her at the time, but eventually did. She was much younger than me, so I figured it was just part of how things work now. When I heard of this on the news the other day, I was at first shocked, then I realized... Then when we are talking and they ask me to repeat myself I can always tell them to get the d**k out of their ear!

I mean sexual innuendo is as far as anything should go to me, I just think it's strange to send someone something they could potentially masturbate to. Only after she did first, and I didn't include my face along with anything that showed naughty bits. it's just the next step in kids (and society) falling down the slippery slope of immorality.

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The user profile had been rebuild OK, and I also recreated the Outlook profile manually. Is it random users cannot see anyone elses free/busy scheduling? Have you checked to see if Exchange Cached mode is set for the exchange profile?

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What women really hate is that you call many ladies and can’t even remember their names.

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