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Benin is predominantly Christian as far as spiritual beliefs are concerned.

The main religion is Roman Catholic but there are Protestant and Muslim groups who also live in Benin.

For the most part Benin girls are conservative, traditional and tend to follow the lead of their male family members.

Although matriarchal ties are very strong this has long been a country steeped in tradition and ruled by men.

Just keep in mind that even if you are reasonably fluent in French you might want a translator if you go to visit a French speaking Benin girl, because the difference between the French of the French Academy, the French you learned in high school in Alabama or Arizona, and the French as spoken in Benin might be so different that you need a translator for your first few days.

This is often the case if you are visiting a country where you know the language, but did not learn it from someone with the local accent and pronunciation as the country you are visiting.

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They are often very eager to start families and Benin women are known as devoted mothers.

Today these individuals are being helped to discover their potential through education and career programs.

For the women of Benin, dating is something they would consider, especially if they feel that it would benefit their status in life.

Women in this country are expected to cook, clean and take care of their children.

Females handle some of the duties on the farm, weave cloth and are active in the trading and selling of baked goods, cloth and vegetables.

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