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So if u can handle the social stigma associated w/ this go for it, as long as it's not a sibling or first cousin.. Information from: , Marriage, cousin marriages, marriage license laws,

Second cousins are the ones that most people only see at say christmas and that's it so if you have kids are you telling me that they can date YOUR cousin? The elite of Europe have done this for centuries, even the Romans 'inbred'... Ok it does appear that Ky stopped 1st cousin marriages however regarding second cousins it says: Cousin Marriages Note: All states allow the marriage of second cousins.

The parents of parallel cousins are also siblings but are of the same sex (this chart may help explain). First cousins marrying in 21 century America discover that many states no longer regulate the practice.

In cultures where cross cousins are encouraged and parallel discouraged, it is often an inherited taboo, passed down from when there was greater inter-marriage and inter-mingling among the members of an extended family – with a greater chance that first cousins could also be half-siblings: Fathers who are also brothers may overtly or covertly share sexual relations with the wife of one or the other . Likewise, most sects of Christianity do not forbid it, which would be hard to do given cases like Isaac and Rebekah in the Book of Genesis.

For your reference, this increase in birth defect rate is about the same as the increased risk of a woman having a baby when she is 40 vs. Proponents here point out that few would advocate banning a 40 year old woman from having children. In fact, in a number of countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Yemen and in the Palestinian Territories, paternal parallel cousin marriage is the preferred form of consanguineous marriage.

They also point to recent testing that placed the increased risk of spina bifida and cystic fibrosis at only 1.7% -2.8% higher than for children of unrelated parents. Cousin Marriages Today Globally, cousin marriages are still going strong, with an estimated 10% of all marriages in the world being between cousins, and has high as 50% in some regions of the world.

Dating your 2nd cousin is fine because as you mentioned there's little genes in common.

This is also because though they are a relative of yours, they are not blood-related to your parents and therefore you.

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I give you some information on facts, because people are obsessed by the genetical factor, and it will be one of their greatest arguments (even if you two are just dating and do not think about children): The risk for a non related couple is 3 to 5 per cent. You can't see her as "family", you see her as a woman.

The risk of birth defect between first cousin is 6 to 7 per cent.

Usually a relationship is considered to be incest when you are biologically close birth-wise. So as long as it's not your sibling or your parents or people related to your parents ( like your grandparents, uncles and aunt) , it's fine.

Today, first cousins may not marry in AR, DE, IA, ID, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TX, WA and WV.

First cousin marriage is allowed without restriction in 19 states, and with some restrictions in AZ, IL, IN, ME, UT, WI and NC (in North Carolina, while first cousins may marry, “double cousins” may not- more on this one in a bit.) The distinction lies in the debate about whether or not there is an increased risk that the partners’ shared genes will produce an increased chance that their offspring will have recessive, undesirable traits.

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