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In addition, the chairperson may appoint workgroups as necessary from among the members of the advisory council in order to efficiently address specific issues. The department shall conduct background screening, as provided in s. Members of a foster family and persons residing with the foster family who are between 12 and 18 years of age are not required to be fingerprinted but must have their backgrounds checked for delinquency records. These violations are of a type that the department determines do not threaten the health, safety, or security of an individual.

A representative of a state agency appointed to any workgroup shall be the head of the agency, or his or her designee. 397.4073, as part of the licensure application for all owners, directors, chief financial officers, and clinical supervisors of a service provider. Members of the foster family and persons residing with the foster family over 18 years of age are subject to full background checks. The department shall impose an administrative fine as provided in this section for a cited class IV violation.

Further, it is the intent of the Legislature to require the collaboration of state agencies, service systems, and program offices to achieve the goals of this chapter and address the needs of the public; to establish a comprehensive system of care for substance abuse; and to reduce duplicative requirements across state agencies. The Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council shall be located in the Department of Health. The department shall provide a report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by December 1, 2020, concerning the appropriateness of service component licensure requirements as those requirements apply to the qualifications of personnel providing direct clinical treatment.

This chapter is designed to provide for substance abuse services. The Surgeon General or his or her designee shall be a nonvoting, ex officio member of the advisory council and shall act as chairperson. The report shall include, but not be limited to, the requirements established in rule, the number and nature of complaints received regarding personnel providing direct clinical treatment and about the qualifications of the individuals subject to the complaints, and the precipitating cause, number, and types of licensure actions taken by the department regarding such personnel.

As an individual progresses along this continuum of misuse, abuse, and dependence, there is an increased need for substance abuse intervention and treatment to help abate the problem.“System of care” means a coordinated continuum of community-based services and supports that are organized to meet the challenges and needs of individuals who are at risk of developing substance abuse problems or individuals who have substance abuse problems.s. To maximize the effectiveness of such forums, multiple agencies should participate. The department shall establish the licensure process to include fees and categories of licenses and must prescribe a fee range that is based, at least in part, on the number and complexity of programs listed in s. The fees from the licensure of service components are sufficient to cover the costs of regulating the service components. All owners, directors, chief financial officers, and clinical supervisors of service providers are subject to level 2 background screening as provided under chapter 435. A citation for a class III violation must specify the time within which the violation is required to be corrected.

Ensure that the department develops and ensures the implementation of procedures between its Substance Abuse Program Office and other departmental programs regarding the referral of substance abuse impaired persons to service providers, information on service providers, information on methods of identifying substance abuse impaired juveniles, and procedures for referring such juveniles to appropriate service providers. A widespread deficiency is a deficiency in which the problems causing the deficiency are pervasive throughout the facility or represent systemic failure that has affected or has the potential to affect a large portion of individuals.

The term “secure facility” includes addictions receiving facilities and facilities authorized by local ordinance for the treatment of habitual abusers.“Service component” or “component” means a discrete operational entity within a service provider which is subject to licensing as defined by rule. For communities, such instruction may involve issues of funding, staffing, training, and neighborhood and parental involvement, and instruction on other issues. The department shall accept proof of accreditation by an accrediting organization whose standards incorporate comparable licensure regulations required by this state, or through another nationally recognized certification process that is acceptable to the department and meets the minimum licensure requirements under this chapter, in lieu of requiring the applicant to submit the information required by paragraphs (1)(a)-(c). Class “III” violations are those conditions or occurrences related to the operation and maintenance of a service component or to the treatment of an individual which the department determines indirectly or potentially threaten the physical or emotional health, safety, or security of the individual, other than class I or class II violations.

Service components include prevention, intervention, and clinical treatment described in subsection (26).“Service provider” or “provider” means a public agency, a private for-profit or not-for-profit agency, a person who is a private practitioner, or a hospital licensed under this chapter or exempt from licensure under this chapter.“Substance abuse” means the misuse or abuse of, or dependence on alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications. For families, such instruction may involve practical strategies for addressing family substance abuse; improving cognitive, communication, and decisionmaking skills; providing parents with techniques for resolving conflicts, communicating, and cultivating meaningful relationships with their children and establishing guidelines for their children; educating families about drug-free programs and activities in which they may serve as participants and planners; and other programs of similar instruction. Applications for licensure renewal must include proof of application for accreditation for each licensed service component providing clinical treatment by an accrediting organization that is acceptable to the department for the first renewal, and proof of accreditation for any subsequent renewals. The department shall impose an administrative fine as provided in this section for a cited class III violation.

The chairperson of the advisory council shall appoint workgroups that include members of state agencies that are not represented on the advisory council and shall solicit input and recommendations from those state agencies. Fees for privately funded licensed service providers must exceed the fees for publicly funded licensed service providers. All service provider personnel who have direct contact with children receiving services or with adults who are developmentally disabled receiving services are subject to level 2 background screening as provided under chapter 435. Class “IV” violations are those conditions or occurrences related to the operation and maintenance of a service component or to required reports, forms, or documents that do not have the potential of negatively affecting an individual.

State agencies, including, but not limited to, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Education, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Elderly Affairs, the Department of Health, the Department of Financial Services, and the Agency for Health Care Administration. A patterned deficiency is a deficiency where more than a very limited number of individuals are affected or more than a very limited number of staff are involved, the situation has occurred in several locations, or the same individual or individuals have been affected by repeated occurrences of the same deficient practice but the effect of the deficient practice is not found to be pervasive throughout the facility.

In cooperation with service providers, foster and actively seek additional funding to enhance resources for prevention, intervention, clinical treatment, and recovery support services, including, but not limited to, the development of partnerships with: Intradepartmental and interdepartmental program offices, including, but not limited to, child care services; family safety; delinquency services; health services; economic services; and children’s medical services. The department shall indicate the classification on the face of the notice of deficiencies in accordance with s. An isolated deficiency is a deficiency affecting one or a very limited number of individuals or involving one or a very limited number of staff, or a situation that occurred only occasionally or in a very limited number of locations.

It is the intent of the Legislature to establish expectations that services provided to persons in this state use the coordination-of-care principles characteristic of recovery-oriented services and include social support services, such as housing support, life skills and vocational training, and employment assistance necessary for persons who have substance use disorders or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders to live successfully in their communities. In addition, the Governor shall appoint 7 members of the public to serve on the advisory council. The department may access all service provider records necessary to determine compliance with this section. Meetings or portions of meetings of quality improvement program committees that relate solely to actions taken pursuant to this section are exempt from s. Contingent upon specific appropriation, a quality improvement coordinator position shall be established within each substate entity to oversee the implementation and operation of the quality improvement program.

It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure within available resources a full system of care for substance abuse services based on identified needs, delivered without discrimination and with adequate provision for specialized needs. Of the 7 appointed members, one member must have professional or occupational expertise in drug enforcement, one member must have professional or occupational expertise in substance abuse prevention, one member must have professional or occupational expertise in substance abuse treatment, and two members must have professional or occupational expertise in faith-based substance abuse treatment services. Records relating solely to actions taken in carrying out this section and records obtained by the department to determine a provider’s compliance with this section are confidential and exempt from s. An authorized agent of the department may conduct announced or unannounced inspections, at any time, of a licensed service provider to determine whether it is in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, including, but not limited to, the minimum requirements for licensure in s. An authorized agent of the department may, with the permission of the person in charge of the premises or pursuant to a warrant, enter and inspect any unlicensed service provider it reasonably suspects to be operating in violation of any provision of this chapter.

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