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HEARING ON THE REAUTHORIZATION OF THE OLDER AMERICAN VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS er of local projects in FY 1988. When 1 came aboard four years ago, we had 511 full-time equiva- lent (FTE) positions in the agency. In my area, Western Iowa and North Central Iowa, there are two; one in Sioux City and Estherville. This was a real concern of mine when I came aboard the agency. We certainly would because one of the impedi- ments we have had with the limited support budget has been the inability of the staff to travel. funded period Second, outline on a quarterlv basis the interim achievements to be attained or exceeded in order to assure that cacn goal will be met The Project Work Plan should be a twelve month plan for all of thk.

Forty-four new projects with 1,800 volunteer service years were established. Non-ACTION resources equaled 46% of the ACTION funding. During FY 87 we conducted a management assessment of what would be the required number of full-time equivalents to support the agency's programs at that time and it was 448 full-time equivalents. Are there any barriers which rural areas face at this time in ap- plying for these kinds of Federal funds that you know of? Every time we have gone out with announce- ments of new funds for programs, we nave given special attention to the needs of rural areas. We know that, accord- ing to the 1980 census for the population 60 years and over, 74 per- cent are living in urban areas and 26 percent in rural areas. Transportation is probably the paramount cost, and we do factor this in when we are providing new monies or augmentation grants so that the rural communities are able to have the resources they need to carry out the programs. I am curious if in increasing your administrative budget we are in a sense increasing the option for outreach to these rural areas as well? They have only been able to conduct one monitoring visit for 50 percent of our projects. project activities below required bv program guidelines Other activities m3 be outlined in the same manner to serve as a management guide, and for measuring progress The format on the following page 15 to be used in preparing the Project Work Plan, Attach as many reproduced copies as necessary to fully convev the goals and objectives Begin by enter- ing Goal $\ in column A, and then enter in column B the date when the goal will be accom plashed Return to column A and list your objectives, and in column B, the dates w hen the objec- tives will be completed, usually at quarterl intervals throughout the twelve month period begin- ning with the project funding start date GOAL K\ Volunteer Assignments — Plan a vanetj of volunteer assignments which are mean- ingful to the volunteers and which will address basic human needs of the communitv through specific volunteer stations Basic objectives would be to fa) contact a given numbei of potential volunteer stations, (b) explain the program concept and their obligation;.

What I have tried to do is entertain all of you who read my stories.

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These volunteers are providing critically needed respite care for family caregivers. Is that typical of your program or is your program atypical in that sense, because these are important programs for the seniors and especially in the rural areas. On that point, Congressman, I don't think I could really comment because we are involved in what I would say is the final chapter of tne distribution of the funds, not the first chapter.

ADRDA Chapters assist in training of volunteers and selecting clients. They need all of that money for fundamental operations and 3o percent teems to be a high amount of administrative fees. I can tell you through the data we have as to where monies that havj r are directed piimaiih to chrono- logically homebound clients affiliated with area agencies on aging.

Over 30,000 adults receive personal care and peer support from over 11,500 volunteers in 142 local projects. In calendar year 1987, these sources contributed .7 million. Daily these volunteers enhance the capacity of older persons to remain in their own homes by providing assistance with the activities of daily living. It is my under- standing that the administrative levels have been rather constant, million over the last several years; is that correct? However, our current situa- tion is that we have been appropriated 5,412,000 in FY 89 pro- gram funds, while program support, or administrative funding that was given to the agency for FY 89 enables us to support only 416. We have been trying to use our scarce resources to fill positions in the field, which is the front line, but this has resulted in the fact that now in our agency we don't have enough funds to fill even critical vacancies, let alone crucial top policy positions at headquar- ters. That is the ideal situation when we are given adequate funding. So am I hearing you argue that increased funding on the administrative side will in a sense occasion a greater out- reach and allow more communities to become competitive because they will have the technical support to make applications and sup- posedly be more competitive in receiving them? In terms of ACTION'S programs in Foster Grandparents, we have 43 percent in urban areas and 57 percent in rural areas; for Senior Companions, 34 percent in urban areas and 66 percent in rural areas; RSVP, 54 percent urban and 46 percent rural. Are there additional barriers to developing programs in rural areas? There is no question that it is more expensive to deliver services in rural areas, but that has not hindered us in reaching forward to these communities. Fifty percent ERIC 24 have not been visited, and this doesn't include the necessary out- reach to areas Mr. I am sure you are aware this is a common problem that rural communities have had— sometimes not knowing how to apply and not being as familiar with the criteria for the replica- tion as larger communities. 111 support of volunteers, (c) idcntifv the basic human needs to be addressed bv eath volunteer station and develop volunteer assignments in response to each of those needs, and fdi comp Kte a Memoian- dum of Understanding with each prospective volunteer station to define the woi king relation, ship between the sponsor project and the volunteer station On going projects will need to in elude an objective for annual update of existing Memoranda of Understanding Tradmonallv , ACTION* identifies a number of project activities as program emphasis areas These emphasis areas tend to be specific to each OAVP program and ma change with time as national circumstances warrant The ACTION State Offices will provide information on current emphasis areas for each OAVP program If volunteer assignments are expected to address any of these areas, the Project Work Plan should include specific goals and objectives relating to number of volunteer stations, numbers of volunteers to be assigned and volunteer hours to be generated in these areas The Project Work Plan may also include developing assignments to meet local "program emphasis" areas such as transportation needs of seniors GOAL ¥2 Recruitment and Placement of Volunteers — Specifv the number of volunteers to be recruited, oriented and plated, consistent with the number of voluntcei station assignments atreadv develcped as well as those planned to be developed Outline specific monthlv 01 quarterlv objectives Develop a plan for periodic orientation sessions foi new Iv mruiu V \olunteers, as well av a plan for in-semce instruction for assigned volunteeis.

This assistance can be dramatic at times, m Houston, Texas a 63-year-old Senior Companion provides respite care to an older couple. We do not have an Inspector General, a General Counsel nor a Director of Legislative Affairs. We do not have an Associate Director for Domestic Operations, which is a key Presidential appointee. We have provided training to our state directors and staff so that in addition to their basic mission, which is sup- porting existing ACTION grantees and developing new projects in undeserved areas, they also perform in a leadership capacity as em- issaries of the volunteer agency, but they haven't been able to do that effectively. They don't have the support groups in those communities with the technical expertise. In addition on- going projects mav need to develop goals and objectives to decrease the numbei of inactive volunteer.., to assignments for retired pi ok s Mona U 01 oihei high U *kili«d volunteers, etc.

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Testimony stressed that Older American Volunteer Programs promote, protect, defend, and enhance the human dignity of the elderly by offering them the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to their communities. I will ask the deputy director to respond to this because if this provision were to go into effect, she would have 19 managers reporting directly to her as their first-line supe- rior. What I would like to provide for the record to the committee is an organization chart which shows our current organizational structure. I would, in effect, be their first-line supervi- sor. No submission is needed if position description has not changed _ Check box to indicate no change [ J 3 Describe plans for the daily supervision of v olunteers.

Oral or written testimony was presented by: the director of the voluntary agency, ACTION; the president of the National Association of Foster Grandparents; the president of the National Association of Senior Companion Directors; and the president of the National Association of Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Directors, as well as by volunteers from these organizations. Congressman, the position of the Administration is that we definitely would be opposed to this provision and I can speak from first-hand experience what the disadvantages would be. Domestic & Anti-Poverty Operations*** Older VISTA & American Student Volunteer Community Programs** Service** Regional Offices t Program Demonstration & Development Division State Offices " Presidential Appointee ** SES Non-Career Position * Schedule C Position *Due to consolidation of Regional Offices, Region VII no longer exists. u *m\, i*9wr^ o^,, 1 „ ,„ 1 1 " Jl - J' 1 | PUT •» 9 ERIC 31 28 Ms. As the chart illustrates, there will be as a result of this proposal 19 office heads who would report directly to the deputy of the Agency. Check here D if you have attached the job description Renewals.

Superintendent of Documents, Congressional Sales Office, U. ^Federal Legislation; ^Federal Programs; Hearings; Needs; *01der Adults; ^Program Effectiveness; Public Service; ^Voluntary Agencies; ^Volunteers Congress 101st; *01der American Volunteer Programs; Reauthorization Legislation ABSTRACT This document is a transcript of oral and written testimony given by persons testifying about the Older American Volunteer Programs as reauthorization legislation is being considered. [The information follows:] ERLC 26 Agency Organization Structure Director"* Deputy Director"* _c Management & Budget Administrative Services Policy & Research"* Personnel Management Planning, Budget, & Management Accounting & Financial Mgmt. L Public Affairs* Equal Opportunity p 1 Legislative Affairs* i General Counsel" • Inspector General er Jc oc. [The information follows:] ERIC Proposed Agency Organization Structure , — 1 1 l 1 t *n , f , | S«„*,.c* *-b-i A««.. ACTION must concur on selection o J I 5^ ct0r When the Pr °J ect Director is nominated, forward the resume to the ACTION State Office.

In the last reauthorization, the Senate put in a provision for per- mitting non-low-income people to serve as Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions in a non-stipended capacity, while receiving re- imbursement for expenses. How many were participating before this provision was put into the law? They also include low-income volun- teer husbands and wives who are able to serve in the same project with one in non-stipended statue and the other in a stipended status. They can only use locally generated funds to support these volunteer? There has been some ambiguity, and I think this has resulted in the lowering of numbers. Would that be an acceptable way of perhaps addressing that? In terms of administrative support compared to program dollars, at ACTION we have found that the ideal ratio is 20 percent for program administration to 80 percent program dollars within Fed- erally appropriated funds.

In conference, we agreed that the funds for reimbursement had to come from non-federal sources. Currently, there are 82 non-stipended volunteers performing services under this provision. There is a provision requiring that any person in the community who does not meet the low income levek, who is interested in serv- ing with a child or with an elderly person, must be referred to the 9 ERLC 24 21 local RSVP project first and where that project can place such an individual in those kinds of settings, that is the preferred method. Currently we are underfunded in the program administration area.

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The two have reportedly been spending a lot of time together playing golf. We did not check in-depth with Joo Won since it is a personal matter, but we will confirm it.”Bo A made her singing debut via SM Entertainment 17 years ago and was the first K-pop star to enter the Japanese market.

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The methods are all based on radioactive decay: The first radiometric dates, generated about 1920, showed that the Earth was hundreds of millions, or billions, of years old.

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My children have been raised in this country, so I don't expect them to marry a Hindu." Asked if there was any opposition from the Hindu community, Mrs. Interreligious marriages are quite common now." Happily married for four years, Raghu and Christina have successfully integrated Hindu and American culture. He says, "I believe your faith is your way of life.

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In the 2014 trial, Hernandez and two other women testified that Elliott sexually assaulted them.

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Located in the southeastern portion of Lawrence County, Oakville Indian Mounds Park and Museum is shaded by the 180,000 acre William B.

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Under Brown, some say, it fit under a wide evangelical umbrella that engages the broader culture in ways similar to institutions such as Wheaton College (Illinois) or Taylor University (Indiana).

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The Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal Company was organized in 1835, and the canal was completed in 1840.

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All in all it was not too different from being back in 7th grade again, summoning the gumption to ask Nancy Morris to dance for the very first time.

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That actually happened to me ...― Just one year after My Hero Academia's first season began, its sequel came barreling out the gate, offering a smorgasbord of new heroic adventures.

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At this moment, the groom may receive a horse-collar meaning that he might become henpecked.

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The choices were: I Love New York 3, Take a vacation, or find a real job. A casting call was issued for a VH1 reality dating show starring Frank Maresca (The Entertainer).