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Meanwhile, an inner circle has worked long nights in the Labour leader’s office and decamped at weekends to his home, taking turns to fetch sandwiches from the local baker’s shop.The result, the biggest recalibration since Beveridge, is intended to avoid the trap set by George Osborne in his forthcoming spending review.Just as Mr Balls appalled the Left on Monday by proposing the end of winter fuel payments to wealthier pensioners, Mr Miliband has shifted towards the centre.Not long ago, he is said to have signalled his endorsement of Peter Hain’s well-articulated view that unadulterated universalism is the hallmark of social cohesion. While an adviser stresses that “this isn’t the beginning of a wholesale rejection of universalism”, a line has been crossed. Mr Balls’s pledge of “iron discipline” should invite no surprise and even less derision.Mr Balls, whom even a critic described this week as “the best economist in Labour and in Parliament”, is also the most ruthless.For now, he is shooting at dodos, but when the time comes for live targets, he will not flinch. The caricature of Mr Miliband as a hapless ditherer who longs to be liked could not be more amiss.

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Tomorrow, in a speech heavy with “data” and detail, Mr Miliband will hint at the undoubted hardship to come in housing benefit reforms that have already been developed and scrutinised for flaws.His final position represents a victory for Liam Byrne, the shadow work and pensions secretary, whose grasp of Labour’s welfare history is described as “brilliant” by a senior strategist.Mr Byrne has played a key part in the speech, arguing that treating the universal principle as sacrosanct would increase inequality and so run counter to the aims of Clement Attlee.As it happened, Mr Balls’s initial hit list was rather slight.Canning Titan jails (a concept so doomed that Jack Straw must wish he had never thought of it, or at least come up with a less bad name), pensioning off admirals and abolishing police commissioners are hardly incendiary.

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Once your doorbell has been completely removed, you should be left with two exposed wires coming from the wall.

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A great trailer gives you enough information about what to expect from a film while still keeping you in suspense and making you want to learn more.

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Enjoy a wildlife safari drive this evening, then settle back at the camp and enjoy views overlooking the plains of the reserve.

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Am Abend erwachen einige Regionen Südostasien zum Leben.

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I have a loooot of pictures for you this time, because I haven’t post a Nappy’z Weekly Vision lately. I’m really a sucker for a lot of eyecandy, so not me haha! I’m just rambling on, so I’m going to stop and let you enjoy the pictures I made! Haha I’m such a dumbass sometimes, excuse my fails!