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In 1940 there were 159 American workers supporting every Social Security recipient. As a result of an aging population, a far bigger cut of taxpayer dollars is being used to cater to the needs of the aging, critics note.Social Security and Medicare gobbled up 38 percent of the federal budget in fiscal year 2012. The latest government projections show Medicare's hospital insurance trust fund will be depleted by 2026, and Social Security's trust fund by 2033.People over 50 may have felt their blood pressure spike while reading recent headlines casting them in the role of aggressor in a war against their children and grandchildren that they never declared, and had no intention of fighting.

While there is no pronounced "cultural conflict" as in the 1960s, Atkinson, a child of the Depression, can't fathom why some of Tim's friends retire early or switch jobs so often.

The Pew study found that the generational conflicts that existed between boomers and their parents were not nearly as common between boomers and their kids. For example, 8 in 10 people in the millennial generation — those born after 1980 — and 9 in 10 boomers say those who are older have better moral values than they do.

And intergenerational cooperation remains a strong family value.

"The essential budget question is how much we allow federal spending on the elderly to crowd out other national priorities." Samuelson is hardly alone in filing frontline dispatches from the war between generations. The wonkish National Journal presents "The Case Against Parasitic Baby Boomers." Staunchly libertarian Reason magazine screams in an online article, "Hey, kids, wake up! Old people are doing everything possible to rob you of your money, your future, your dignity, and your freedom." Your freedom! The basic arguments made in "seniors are selfish" articles follow a similar pattern.

"Young and Old Are Facing Off for Jobs" declares a headline in the New York Times. Social Security, launched in 1935, when the average life expectancy in the United States was 62 years, is now inadequate to handle an aging population that is living nearly two decades longer and growing in size.

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With singles "Bubbly" and "Realize" under her belt, she's busy with the U. leg of her tour (a few of her stops are with John Mayer), preparing for her next album and enjoying the buzz surrounding her video for "Little Things." "We shot it in Hawaii — I love Hawaii.

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As you’d expect from a second-world country, the Philippines lacks many of the labor protections that Americans take for granted.

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A proper smiley face can put more meaning to something you text.